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Convert PDF to DWF in .Net

I was helping a customer to create DWF from PDF files. By the way I found two solutions for this problem. Both are good, and both support a couple of other file-types. Solution 1: The first one is to use … Continue reading

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Handle SoapException 300 „BadAuthenticationToken“ in Vault Extensions

Did you or your customers ever run into a SoapException 300 when using a custom command of a Vault Add-In you have developed? Usually, you should not see this exception unless you call an “iisreset” on the server. By default … Continue reading

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Eventhandler and Replication – Best practice

Hey, some time ago I faced some problems with the Vault-API in the eventhandler. As always, the problems were discovered only on the customer side. After some analysis we found the reason for the issuese: The Problems occured only in a replicated … Continue reading

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