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VisualStudio project build: automating obfuscation by using powerShell

Sometimes we need do run something automatically after or before a project-build is running in Visual Studio. So we can unload the project, and edit the project file and add some build-steps inside there by using the <Target> attribute. If … Continue reading

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Invoke Win32 API via PowerShell

.NET provides pretty good support to for calling Win32 APIs and there’s a free Visual Studio Add-In from redgate available which helps your dealing with the Win32 API: But what to do if you want to call Win32 APIs … Continue reading

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Let the system make your setup

It’s already happened to me several times that I developed a nice tool or program, and later I startet to create a small setup for it. I use Wix 3,5 for this, and create a Setup.wxs where I start to … Continue reading

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Eventhandler and Replication – Best practice

Hey, some time ago I faced some problems with the Vault-API in the eventhandler. As always, the problems were discovered only on the customer side. After some analysis we found the reason for the issuese: The Problems occured only in a replicated … Continue reading

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