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Menu item with Data Standard

In preparation for my Autodesk University (Las Vegas) session with the topic “Introduction to Data Standard”, I’m creating samples around numbering, advanced dialogs in CAD and Vault, some cool tabs for Vault and also menu items. In the next weeks … Continue reading

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Combine Uses and Where Used

I’ve recently been asked how to create a tab in Vault that represents both, the use and where used of an assembly component. Immediately I thought this could be a good example for Data Standard. Basically, when you select an … Continue reading

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Create a folder tree from a template

In the past few weeks, many of you asked this question: “how to create a folder in Vault by copying the folder tree from another template folder?”. In this post, I’m showing you how to do this with Vault Data … Continue reading

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Job-creation made simple

Let’s say you want to do email notification on lifecycle change in Vault. Here is how the email might look like: In order to achieve this, you want to extend the Vault JobProcessor with an email job. Have you ever tried … Continue reading

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The power of shell – PowerShell commandlets for Vault

We built a new layer on top of the Autodesk API. This layer allowes to perform common operations via a single PowerShell-call on the Vault Server. We can say that this layer is made for newbies, who are neither familar with … Continue reading

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How to enable the Vault-client logging

Ok, today, I searched for the 10 thousandth time for the switch to enable the logging of the Vault client. I finally found a solution and I want to share it with you! You will see what your client tells … Continue reading

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How to effectively manipulate BCP-packages

Today, I’d like to show you a new way to manipulate Vault BCP-packages. BCP is a brilliant little tool that allows you to export and import data from and to Vault. We frequently use it for migrating from different systems to … Continue reading

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vaultRuler – First Steps

You just moved from Vault Basic to Vault Workgroup or Vault Professional and all files are still in category without lifecycle or revision? Then this is the right tool for you. I would like to give you a little introduction … Continue reading

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bcpCreator – Three steps for a successful migration into Vault

Yes, there are really just three steps to transfer your data into Vault via bcpCreator. All you need is the DataExportUtility from Autodesk, an SQL database that contains your metadata and of course your CAD-files. That’s it! And here we … Continue reading

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Very custom reports!!

Vault comes with great reporting functionality, which allows you to generate reports from all the Vault entities, including custom objects. In a recent project, we had the need to go beyond the standard features provided by the Vault reporting, and … Continue reading

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