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Complete your Vault data

This topic came up quite frequently in the last months. You have your data in Vault, but for which ever reason, there is still other data outside of Vault that shall be added to existing Vault files, folders, items, or … Continue reading

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Fixing the BOM blob

With Vault 2017, Autodesk introduced a new job type: autodesk.vault.extractbom.inventor. This job fixes the file BOM blob. The file BOM blob is an object stored in the Vault database on each CAD file record. It is created by the Vault … Continue reading

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Debugging VDS

Are you running Windows 10? Then I have a good news for you! You have already PowerShell 5 installed, and with that also the capability of debugging Vault Data Standard step by step. You are not running Windows 10? Then … Continue reading

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Check for unique part number

The first time we wrote about Vault and PowerShell was back in 2012. Since then a lot happened. Meanwhile is PowerShell widely used either inside Vault Data Standard, powerJobs and powerGate, or as stand alone scripting language for Vault in … Continue reading

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powerGate Server and the web

In our last post, we’ve introduced you to powerGate 2016 and the BOM transfer dialog. This time I’d like to disclose a little secret around the powerGate Server. powerGate is getting a lot of attention these days, and one of … Continue reading

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powerGate 2016 is ready

I’m so excited to announce the official release of powerGate 2016, the standard way to integrate Vault with any ERP system. It took a bit longer to get ready, as we wanted to add some cool features, like the BOM … Continue reading

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powerVault in Action

  In the last post, we presented powerVault, a simplified Vault API for PowerShell. We just released a small video that gives you an overview about powerVault, with some interesting examples. The samples shown in the video are posted in … Continue reading

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powerVault – Vault API made simple

The first time we blogged about PowerShell was back in March 2012 (3 years ago). It was unknown in the Autodesk Data Management scene. Meanwhile it’s become quite popular. With Vault 2015 R2 we took the next step for making … Continue reading

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View And Data API with PowerShell

Last week, we posted about the View And Data API and showed how to upload an assembly from Vault via powerJobs and PowerShell. This week, I’d like to add some more background. For this purpose I’ve created a stand-alone script … Continue reading

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Vault, View And Data API via powerJobs

Wouldn’t it be cool to access your 3D models from the web? Autodesk came out with a new technology called View And Data API, which allows displaying several file formats directly in your web-browser without the need of any plugin. … Continue reading

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