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Datastandard – Cool custom dialog from menu

Let’s create your own custom dialog without any help of Datastandard and still with PowerShell!     The issue with dialogs from Datastandard I am sure you have faced a very similar situation like I did: My initial goal was … Continue reading

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Fixing the BOM blob

With Vault 2017, Autodesk introduced a new job type: autodesk.vault.extractbom.inventor. This job fixes the file BOM blob. The file BOM blob is an object stored in the Vault database on each CAD file record. It is created by the Vault … Continue reading

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VDS Setup

Wouldn’t it be cool to create a setup for your own Data Standard customizations? Yes, a setup with a version, secure to install and easy to deploy, and simple to upgrade? It’s easier than you think. For this purpose, we … Continue reading

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CAD BOM via powerVault

Some versions ago, the CAD BOM tab have been added to Vault Data Standard. Great stuff, as it gives you the ability to view the CAD BOM without the need of items. So, it’s great for Vault Workgroup customers and for … Continue reading

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Have you ever had the need to display, check and process structured data in a custom way? Let’s say you want to release a complete assembly, and want to perform a series of custom checks and actions on that structure. … Continue reading

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Debugging VDS

Are you running Windows 10? Then I have a good news for you! You have already PowerShell 5 installed, and with that also the capability of debugging Vault Data Standard step by step. You are not running Windows 10? Then … Continue reading

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VDS 2017

Data Standard 2017 have been released several weeks ago, and there have been some interesting improvements that brought us to update the VDS quick reference guide. VDS2017 brings a lot of little internal improvements, which will make customizing simpler. So … Continue reading

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