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Password protected PDF

A customer asked us if it is possible to create a password protected PDF with powerJobs. The answer is YES, it is! Here is the PowerShell code for protecting a PDF file with a password: [System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadFrom(“itextsharp.dll”) function PSUsing { param … Continue reading

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Let’s play Tetris in Vault

Are you performing a CopyDesign in the Vault client and have to wait until it completes? Then let’s play Tetris in the meantime :) This is just an example of what is possible. You can embed whatever process you like … Continue reading

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The power of shell – PowerShell commandlets for Vault

We built a new layer on top of the Autodesk API.┬áThis layer allowes to perform common operations via a single PowerShell-call on the Vault Server. We can say that this layer is made for newbies, who are neither familar with … Continue reading

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How to enable the Vault-client logging

Ok, today, I searched for the 10 thousandth time for the switch to enable the logging of the Vault client. I finally found a solution and I want to share it with you! You will see what your client tells … Continue reading

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Switch Expression on Types in .Net

Do you want to create a switch statement in C# on types? And the compiler says: “error CS0151: a switch expression or case label must be a bool, char, string, integral, enum, or corresponding nullable type” Yes, this is a … Continue reading

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bcpCreator – Three steps for a successful migration into Vault

Yes, there are really just three steps to transfer your data into Vault via bcpCreator. All you need is the DataExportUtility from Autodesk, an SQL database that contains your metadata and of course your CAD-files. That’s it! And here we … Continue reading

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bcpDevkit – First Steps

Do you want a quick solution to create your customized BCP package to migrate your data to Vault? And your data-source or migration process is so special and complex that there is no tool that is configurable enough to manage … Continue reading

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UnitTesting In PowerShell

Do you have a PowerShell module or script with nice PowerShell functions and want to get them under a test-harness ? Do you want to write unittests for your functions and need a testrunner? Than this is the right place … Continue reading

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VisualStudio project build: automating obfuscation by using powerShell

Sometimes we need do run something automatically after or before a project-build is running in Visual Studio. So we can unload the project, and edit the project file and add some build-steps inside there by using the <Target> attribute. If … Continue reading

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Convert PDF to DWF in .Net

I was helping a customer to create DWF from PDF files. By the way I found two solutions for this problem. Both are good, and both support a couple of other file-types. Solution 1: The first one is to use … Continue reading

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