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Welcome the new powerFLC

We are super excited to finally release the brand-new version of powerFLC, which connects Vault with Fusion Lifecycle in a modern and flexible way and to supports any imaginable workflow. This was a long journey. Back in 2014, we wrote … Continue reading

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V21 versions ready

Ready for Vault 20201? We are! The new coolOrange products, supporting Vault 2021, 2020 and 2019, are now ready for download from The products retain the usual compatibility to previous versions, which makes upgrading fast, easy and secure. The … Continue reading

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Spring cleaning

With the launch of the #21 product release, which will happen next week, we cleaned up the product line and had some rebranding. The probably world’s best-selling Vault Job Processor add-on, powerJobs has enabled so many customers to automate tasks … Continue reading

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Items, or not items, that’s the question

Over the past 5 years, we had the pleasure to connect Vault with over 20 different ERP systems, through our solution powerGate. From SAP to Microsoft and many, many other ERP vendors. In the conversation with customers, one question came … Continue reading

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10x Happy New Year

Yes, it’s the 10th time that we have the pleasure to thank you for the fantastic year and to wish you all the best for the next. Founded in 2009, we’ve come a long way and celebrate the 10th birthday. … Continue reading

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Release #20 ready for download

It is done! The ’20 release of the coolOrange products is finally ready for download. Like the previous releases, this version supports Autodesk products in version 2020, 2019, 2018. So, both new and existing customers can move to the latest … Continue reading

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Publish PDFs to Fusion Lifecycle

Few weeks ago, we published an article about using powerGate to connect Vault to Fusion Lifecycle. It looks like we hit an interesting topic, so today I’d like to show you how to publish your Vault CAD files to Fusion … Continue reading

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bcpToolkit #19

With this year, we started a LOAD initiative. On our new website, launched recently with the release of the 2019 products, LOAD has become one of our 3 pillars (LOAD-ENHANCE-CONNECT). We want to make loading data into Vault much easier, … Continue reading

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Connecting Vault with Fusion Lifecycle

The short answer is YES, and later in this post we described how we connect Vault with Fusion Lifecycle. For the longer answer, there are some topics we need to cover. We believe that CAD data shall be managed locally … Continue reading

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Vote for AU Las Vegas classes

Whether you’re going to AU Las Vegas or not, you can and should vote for the classes. Here is the link As you know, we are Data Management guys, so we would love if you could especially give a … Continue reading

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