Vote for AU Las Vegas classes

Whether you’re going to AU Las Vegas or not, you can and should vote for the classes. Here is the link As you know, we are Data Management guys, so we would love if you could especially give a look to the Data Management and Product Lifecycle Management topics, but also filter by Vault or Fusion Lifecycle. Most of the content will be made available after AU, so voting for your preferred classes is worth also if you will not attend.

Despite the general invite to vote for classes, we are obviously advertising our own cause as well. So, in case you like to have coolOrange people on stage, then vote up our classes. This year, we submitted several classes on several topics, and here is the list:

  • What’s New in the Vault API with examples you can use
  • Custom Reporting in Vault 2019 – Dress up your Vault data to meet the world!
  • Connect Vault with ERP – items, bill of materials, files and more…
  • Connect Vault with Fusion Lifecycle – expand your engineering workflows
  • Enhance Vault workflows, with Vault client events
  • How to load data into your Vault – Data Transfer Utility

The first session is for coders, while the further sessions will have interesting insights for coders as well but will also provide samples and insights for CAD admin, IT admins and Vault resellers of course.

So, if you like these sessions, then please vote them up, but also give a look to the other available sessions and express your preference. The voting will close on July 13th, so you still have some weeks to go, but the best would be if you take 10 min. now, while you read this blog post.

Thanks for your engagement, and we will hopefully see you in Las Vegas!!

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