Load – Enhance – Connect

Over the past years, we developed products and technologies that made your Autodesk Data Management projects even more successful. We touched different topics and build products, technologies and services around it. The result of our work can be summarized in the three themes Load – Enhance – Connect, and these three themes become the core message of our new web site http://www.coolorange.com. Have a look and let us know what you think.

Let’s talk about Load: Vault comes with a cool little tool called DTU (Data Transfer Utility, aka VaultBCP), which allows to import data into Vault in bulks. DTU can be used to import small and large data sets, with files, history, items, BOMs, links, etc. It can be used to import files from file system, to migrate from other Data Management systems, to merge Vaults, and the like. We’ve created a tool kit that makes it simple to generate, manipulate, merge and validate BCP packages, so that any sort of import situation can be handled in a reliable and predictable way. The bcpToolkit can do already a lot and will grow even more later this year. Additionally, to the tools, we also put our experience at your service, so, if you are facing any Vault import, migration or merge challenge, then reach out to us.

Under Enhance we have combined powerJobs and powerEvents. While powerJobs enhances your Vault Jobprocessor with ready to use jobs and the ability to create your own jobs, powerEvents enhances your Vault client by giving you the ability to improve your workflows. Both products will enhance your processes and make Vault behave the way that makes sense to you. As an example, you can say “release only if …” and define in powerEvents the logic you are looking for. Both, powerJobs and powerEvents can be configured via Microsoft PowerShell scripting language, so little coding experience is way enough for bringing Vault to the next level.

Connecting Vault with other systems is the next logical step. Once you have your data and processes under control within your engineering department, it’s time to connect with the rest of the company. The connection to ERP is the obvious step, and with powerGate many ERP systems from SAP, over Microsoft to also smaller ERP Systems have been connected. Meanwhile connecting to cloud is also a topic, which can be addressed with powerGate as well.

The new website talks more about your situations and less about product features, so we hope that you’ll get a better understanding on what the products can do for you. We are quite excited about the new website, and hope you will enjoy it too.



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