#19 version available

Over the past couple of months we have been a bit quiet, and I’d like to apologise for that. We have been busy working on several topics, which we will present in the next weeks and months.

Today we proudly announce the release of the 2019 products. Actually, as you can see from the banner picture, we call it just 19. As for the past versions, with the 19 products, we support the Autodesk 2019, 2018 and 2017 versions. So, the latest and the two preceding versions. This means you have for example powerJobs 19 for Vault 2019, 2018 and 2017. Regardless on which version of Vault you are, you get the most recent coolOrange product version with all new features and enhancements.

The complete product line have been released, including powerJobs, powerVault, powerGate, dataLoader, vaultRuler, mightyBrowser and all other apps we have. Only exception is the bcpToolkit. We are working on supporting the BCP 2019 format and will release our products around DTU (Data Transfer Utility) very soon. There will be some exciting news there as well, so stay tuned.

In order to simplify and speed up the download process, we moved our products to Amazon S3 and created a dedicated domain. So, if you go on http://download.coolorange.com, you will find all the download links. There you will also find the archive of previous versions, so if you are running an oder version of the Autodesk products and still need the according coolOrange product, you can find it there. As mentioned, we officially support the current release and the two preceding versions, but we understand that if you did not upgraded yet and still need to setup your machine, you still need access to legacy versions. Be aware, that those versions are not supported, however, they worked well so far, so you may take the risk.

So, what’s new? Despite the support for the latest Autodesk applications, powerJobs now officially supports the newly introduced InventorServer. This does not require an Inventor license, if used in combination with Vault. So, now you can create PDFs, DXF, DWG and other formats via powerJobs, without the need of an Inventor license.
Also, we made some important internal architectural changes, which may not be that visible to you, but are important for the ongoing technology changes. For instance, we moved to PowerShell 4 as a minimum requirement, as there are several important benefits that the products, and finally you, can take advantage from.
One relevant change for you, is that all our PowerShell based products do no longer require a special shortcut for starting the ISE (script editor). You can start whichever script editor you like, PowerShell ISE, Visual Studio Code, or the like, and just load the according PowerShell module via Import-Module.
There are more changes, which you can read on our wiki page via http://www.coolorange.com/wiki, in the according product change log section. We will talk about more enhancements in the coming weeks and months.

We wish you fun and success with the coolOrange 19 products, regardless which Autodesk product version you run.

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