Couple of updates

Last week, we released new versions of powerVault, powerJobs and powerEvents. While the changes on powerVault are smaller bug fixes, and here you can find the details, for powerJobs there is an interesting improvement related to the Inventor project file.

So far, powerJobs always sets the project file for each job, even though the project file is already set. This is not an issue, until you have a situation where the Inventor session used by powerJobs, has an open file. As you know, setting a project file while there is a file open in Inventor, it’s not possible. Therefore, powerJobs fails to execute the job, because the attempt to set the project file fails. This is now solved. If the project file of the Inventor sessions is already the right one, then there is no need to change that. Also, if the project file must be changed and there is a file open, then the job will fail with a human readable error message.

In order to prevent this problem, we suggest tweaking your logic in the script. Make sure that the open, convert (or whatever you do with the file) and close operations are very close together. If you need for example to copy the PDF file to a network share, then do it after the file close. This way, if for which ever reason the PDF copy to network fails, then the original file has been already close. If you do the copy operation before closing the original file, in the case where the copy operation fails, your job will fail and the close would not be executed. You end up having an open file in your Inventor session. So, make sure that your job will always close the file before you do other risky actions.

We also released a new version of powerEvents. This version now fully supports Change Orders and Custom objects, but even more important, it recognizes changes on the scripts on the fly. Whenever you add, remove or change a file in the powerEvents folders, all the registered events will be removed and re-added, even while your Vault client is open. This way, you can make changes as you want, and test your changes immediately without the need to restart Vault. Also, you can now unregister events programmatically. So, you may sign up for an event just temporary and then unregister from the event. There are now many scenarios that can be accomplished.

powerJobs and powerEvents are embedding the new version of powerVault. By updating powerJobs or powerEvents, you will automatically get the latest version of powerVault. In case you have the need just for powerVault, then of course you can update just that.

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