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Over the past years, we had the pleasure to provide you information, tips, samples, code snippets, and first and foremost ideas on what can be done with Autodesk Data Management and other topics we are working with. This was and still is our primary goal – to light up your imagination on what the products and technologies you already have at your fingertips could do for you, with minimal or reasonable customization effort.

So far your response was great, in terms of page views, subscriptions to this blog and comments. Thanks you very much for following us and give us the energy to continue on this path!

We recognized that especially in reacting on comments, we could do better. Most comments are contributions, corrections or just appreciations. Thanks again for all this support! Some comments are requests for help, as some code does not work as expected, or there have been problems in the interpretation or implementation, or maybe the code is outdated. Reacting on those comments via the comment chat of the blog is a bit cumbersome. Therefore, we activated a forum (http://www.coolorange.com/forum), where topics like this can be better discussed.

Thus, from now on, if you have a comment, contribution, correction or just want to share your appreciation, please continue to use the comment section of this blog. That is the right place for such comments.
In case where you have issues with the posted idea or code sample, or you want to get in discussion with us and others, or want to leave a comment, suggestion idea that is out of topic and does not fit well to any existing blog post, then the forum is the better place. There, we can have a relaxed and more extensive conversation. The conversation will still remain public, and so accessible to everyone and therefore extend the content of the blog.

The forum can be reached via http://www.coolorange.com/forum. While the content is visible as a guest, you will have to sign up for contributing. I do encourage every one of you to take advantage of this additional communication platform.

When using the forum, please keep in mind that the blog posts are deliberately hold short and simple, with the purpose to show the way and create interest and excitement. Therefore, the code published on this blog, although it does work, may not be always immediately applicable in a productive environment. Also, we pursue new topics and ideas, and seldom we update old topics to new versions. However, the forum could be a good place for discussing such things.

Also, keep in mind that both the forum and the blog are free (no costs), although the effort for writing the posts and following up the forum is tangible. Therefore, in case you need a personal and timely assistance, please take advantage of our paid support. They can help you by reviewing your code, do a remote session and give a look on your machine, write a custom code snippet, and more. If you need such time of professional support, just reach out via email to support@coolorange.com and they will then provide more detailed information. However, use the forum to start the conversation.

Also, don’t forget to use the Autodesk Vault Customization forum for Data Standard related topics and other Vault customization issues. We are also quite active there. In case you’re not sure which forum to use for Data Standard questions, the Autodesk forum is always good as, there is already a large VDS community there, it’s visible to Autodesk, and questions and discussions around VDS are quite interesting for a larger audience.

Our new forum, really want to provide a better way to interact on coolOrange’s blog related topics.  We hope you will enjoy the new communication tool. We definitively will enjoy the conversation with you.

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