Merry Christmas


WOW, what a great year! I hope you feel the same. We had the pleasure working with you: thanks to your feedback the products improved, made successful and interesting projects together, hosted and participated to great events. One of the last event was the AU in Las Vegas (the picture was taken ad the Las Vegas airport :-), where I had the pleasure being on stage with Jim Quanci at the AND conference talking about the app-store experience, hold two highly rated (4.6 and 4.9 to of 5 points) sessions on Data Standard (thanks for the positive feedback!), and had the pleasure to co-speak with Kevin Robinson on his session about Vault-ERP integrations. The recordings of the sessions are available on the AU page, and here the links for the Vault Data Standard Introduction and Vault Data Standard Advanced.

In the past 12 months we managed to release great 2016 versions of our products, and quite proudly a new version of powerGate, which is revolutionizing the way how Vault-ERP integrations are done. Over the past months, together with you, we made integrations to SAP Netweaver, Business One, Microsoft Dynamics Navision, Sage, Abas, and more. The real cool thing is that we see this technology applied by the resellers with just little help from our side. So, our goal to make ERP integration simple and affordable comes close.

A brand new version of powerJobs has been recently released. Unfortunately, we did not had the time to emphasize this new version on the website and blog, and we will do in the new year. However, the new powerJobs is backward compatible, so it’s the same version whether you have Vault 2014, 15 or 16, and all the jobs are compatible too. The way to export other formats is even simpler, and we are sure this version will help you making great things in a simple way.

powerVault, the PowerShell extension for the Vault API, became more capable and now offers simple functions for dealing with items, and more command-lets will come in the next year. With powerVault we want to put you in the condition to extend Vault in a simple, smart and compatible way.

The Inventor apps has been updated and improved, and the success of the threadModeler remains unmatched with a lot of positive ratings, thanks for that! We release the new Inventor app mightyBrowser, which is having a great success and delights many Inventor users already. Check it out!

The most important thing was the conversation with you. Learning for your situations and thinking how we can help to make your business simpler, more attractive and more effective. We attended several Autodesk events, such as the local AUs and other surrounding events, hold several Data Standard trainings, visited your offices, made over 100 webcasts, had countless hours of phone calls with you and kilometres of email exchange. All this in order to learn, help, deliver and shape your and our businesses.

Thanks to all your commitment and trust. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! We will be back for you with new cool ideas and products by January 11th.

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