powerVault – enhanced


Hi scripting guys! A new version of powerVault is ready for download!!

With every version of powerVault, we come our mission a step closer. Provide you a simple Vault API that can be used inside our products, Data Standard and stand alone, in order to enable you creating cool customizations with low effort and compatible across supported Vault versions.

With this version of powerVault we added more features to the item side. So, now it’s possible to get all the inks and attachments between an item and file. The new Get-VaultItemAssociations allows you to get the primary, secondary, tertiary links and also the attachments. If you pass just the item number, you’ll get all the links and attachments. If you just want specific links, then use the according options, such as –Attachments, –Primary, etc,

In case you like to add attachments to an item, the Update-VaultItem has been enhanced for this purpose and provides according options. The Update-VaultItem also supports changing the item number.

Additionally, the new Save-VaultFile command-let has been introduced. So far you have been able to download a complete assembly with Get-VaultFile –DownloadPath. The command-let still downloads the file with all dependencies. However, if you like to better control what shall be downloaded, then the new Save-VaultFile gives you all the options you need. You can exclude the children and so just download the file it self. This is helpful in case where you just want the drawing without the model (fast-open). Or you want also to download the parents (-IncludeParents), or include the attachments, and more. This command-let really makes you download the file(s) the way you want.

powerVault is used in powerJobs, powerGate and many of you use this as stand alone or in combination with Data Standard. We like to improve powerVault on a regular base and like to prioritize the enhancements based on the market needs. So, in case you are missing command-lets or options, just reach out to us. Either leave a comment on this post, or send us an email to our support in order to start a conversation.

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1 Response to powerVault – enhanced

  1. Venkat says:

    Good one!

    I have tested some sample with get-VaultFiles/Update-VaultFile, pretty good.
    Now I am trying get-VaultFiles from sub folders/sub-sub folders, basically checking all files under top folder, kind of child-item search, can you please let me know what code to add to get-VaultFiles.


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