mightyBrowser – personalize your Inventor browser


Last week, we release a new app for Inventor: mightyBrowser. It updates the Inventor browser names, reflecting those iProperties that matters to you. Now you can finally recognize the components in your browser by the information that mean something to you!

Let’s say you like to see in the Inventor browser the title and the part number. With mightyBrowser you configure which iProperties shall be used in order to form the text that will be displayed in the browser. You can combine as many properties you like and mix them with plain text, such as separators and the like.

mightyBrowser works for both, Inventor stand alone and in combination with Vault. Just configure which iProperties shall be displayed, and you are good to go. In the standard, the title and the part number is configured. But feel free to configure it as you think is appropriate.


Once installed and configured, you will have to update the browser names manually. This is deliberately, as we don’t want to change your environment. However, if you like the outcome, you can configure the browser name update to be performed automatically on open and/or save. You can also configure whether in an assembly just the first level of the tree shall be updated or all levels. At any time, you can reset the browser to the original names.

There are some Inventor file types that are ignored by the mightyBrowser, such as functional documents and standard parts. Also the top display name of iFactories will not be changed, as this has an impact on the iMembers, so mightyBrowser does not touch this.

In the configuration file, you can find all the settings. Just have a look to the wiki. In case you like to see mightyBrowser in action, check out this video.


We hope you enjoy this new app!

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