Data Standard – Drawing with same file name as models


In a recent webcast, we’ve received the question on how to disable the number generation within Data Standard for drawings. So, when you place a component in a drawing (IDW, DWG), the drawing shall have the same file name as the inserted model.

There is a switch in the option dialog of the Vault add-in within Inventor, but unfortunately such switch is not evaluated (yet) with the current release od Data Standard 2016. However, Data Standard is highly flexible, so there is a simple workaround.

As the dialog shows up, the function GetNumSchms is called. Such function provides the available numbering schemes. It’s a perfect place for providing just a specific list of numbering schemes for the given file type, or whatever. If this function returns nothing ($null), then the Data Standard dialog uses the file name suggested by Inventor, which is by default the name of the inserted model.

So, just open the default.ps1 file in the folder DataStandard\CAD\addins and go to the GetNumSchms. In such function, we will return $null in case the file has the extension idw or dwg. Like this:

function GetNumSchms
  if($Prop['_FileExt'].Value -eq 'idw' -or $Prop['_FileExt'].Value -eq 'dwg') { return $null }

The next time you’ll save a drawing in Inventor, you will notice that the numbering scheme is disabled and that the file name already reflects the name suggested by Inventor.

That’s it! I hope you enjoy.

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3 Responses to Data Standard – Drawing with same file name as models

  1. The name Issue is solved, but what about the path? I would like to store the drawing in the same Folder as the model.

  2. ChristianKolb says:

    Hi, also I have the problem, that i dont get a Number scheme in Autocad.
    How can i make a difference between Autocad.dwg and Inventor.dwg?
    Thanks for help

  3. swiss toni says:

    like everything in data standards this doesn’t work in 2016, im at my wits end with this tool, no debugging or warnings

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