VDS 2016 Quick Reference


A few months ago we published the Data Standard Quick Reference for 2015 R2, which had quite a success. Now you can download the updated version for 2016 from here…

With 2016 you’ll find a new way to bind your controls with CAD file properties or Vault properties and automatically validate the fields. In case a field is configured as obligatory and it’s still empty, a red corner will adorn the control and the OK button will be disabled. You just have to use WPF:ValidatedBinding instead of Binding, like this

<!-- before -->
<TextBox Text="{Binding Prop[TITLE].Value …/>
<!-- now -->
<TextBox Text="{WPF:ValidatedBinding Prop[TITLE].Value …/>

Additionally a new property _GeneratedNumber has been introduced on the Vault side. This property is set as soon a number is generated via the number generator. In the function GetNewFileName, the new file name is set based either on the entered file name in case no numbering scheme is active, or based on the selected numbering scheme. The Property _GeneratedNumber tells you which number has been generated.

Have fun with Data Standard and the new Quick Reference.

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