Data Standard logic flow


Many of you asked me wether there is a logical flow behind the Data Standard dialog and how does it look like. The answer is yes, there is a logical flow, and in this document I’ve tried to visualise and describe the flow for the creation of a new file in Vault.

Basically the new file and new folder dialogs starts by a menu item. Such menu item is configured in the mymenu.mnu. Each menu item points to a PS1 file. In case of the creation it’s the CreateFile.ps1. In such file there is point where the file or folder dialog is opened (.Execute()). Now the PowerShell files from the addimVault folder come to play. In the default.ps1 you’ll find the InitializeWindow function, which is called at the time the dialog shows up. Such function is perfect for setting default values, activate or deactivate controls, or subscribe for change events. Once all is set, the ActivateOKButton function is called over and over again, every time something changes in the dialog, and he return value enables/disables the OK button. As the dialog closes, the rest of the CreateFile.ps1 is executed, and here you may apply some custom logic for creating links and the like.

In the PDF you’ll get a brief graphical flow and some more details. I hope that this document helps you understanding the sequence of Data Standard calling functions.


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