powerGate 2016 is ready

I’m so excited to announce the official release of powerGate 2016, the standard way to integrate Vault with any ERP system. It took a bit longer to get ready, as we wanted to add some cool features, like the BOM transfer dialog and the ERP navigator. Today, I’d like to present you the BOM transfer dialog.

So far transferring a BOM was just about pushing a button and wait…… Now, when you hit the BOM Transfer, you’ll get a very powerful dialog that shows you the file or item BOM and offers you a lot of features.

First, we start with the BOM preview. In the dialog, you’ll see the Vault BOM as a multilevel structured BOM. In a separate tab, you’ll see all the items that are consumed in such BOM, as a unique part list. This way, you have a very good understanding of what you are going to transfer to your ERP system. Both, the structured BOM view and the list of items are customizable, so you can select which properties shall be displayed, you can sort and filter.

Then comes the items check. You can test which Vault items, involved in this BOM, are missing in the ERP system. Via the Process button, you then start the item creation and thus prepare all the items in the ERP system. Alternatively, you may create the items in the ERP system separately and then just check if the list is now complete.

Finally, you can transfer the BOM. The BOM transfer takes care about external references, phantom components, purchased parts and the like. The BOMs will be created level by level.

BOM dialog

As the dialog is very interactive, you can follow the progress of every single action. Additionally, the procedures behind each action are PowerShell functions. This way, you can influence what should happen for each action, as which items shall be loaded in the dialog, which BOMs shall be ignored, how to check for the existence of an item in the ERP system, how the items shall be generated, and how the BOM shall be transferred. Each operation is a simple small PowerShell function called by the dialog, and you can configure and customized the behavior.

Got curious? Download powerGate and start messing around!

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