2016 is here!


Over the last weeks, we have been busy getting the 2016 products ready for you. Finally, we are ready. powerJobs, vaultRuler, dataLoader, clever and myFile are available for download. powerGate will follow next week, and the bcpDevkit and bcpChecker will follow as well. The official announcement will be early next week, but if you like, you can already start downloading our products from the website. The 2016 products contain all the feature enhancements we delivered over the last year, so it will be easy for you to get started.

The biggest investment went into powerGate, the SAP/ERP connector for Vault. With the experience we gained over the last year in the ERP projects we ran with you, we made powerGate simpler and more capable. There are two main enhancements that are worth to be mentioned.

The first is the version compatibility. powerGate 2016 client builds on powerVault, the Vault API command-lets for Windows PowerShell. Such command-lets hide the Vault API behind simple commands, and therefore they are no longer Vault version dependent. In other words, from 2016 onward, your Data Standard customizations on the client side in the context of powerGate, will be Vault-version independent. Testing is of course always good and you may improve the client side behavior with every version, but you don’t have to due to API changes.

The second enhancement is the ERP neutrality. Yes, the SAP integration is still the default ERP connector you’ll get with powerGate, however, more connectors will come, and you can create your own. A simple .Net interface, with commands like read, write, update, and delete, allows you to create powerGate server extensions that can communicate with any ERP system. The client remains always the same, Data Standard with XAML and PowerShell, while the server can talk to SQL, XML, CSV, and any other type of API.

Over the next weeks we will tell you more about the single products and their enhancements. As for now, we just say “welcome 2016” and wish you all a good business!

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