And the winner is…


Wow. We got a lot of valuable feedback. Thank you for that! We will keep the survey open in case some more people like to provide input. However, the trend is already clear. You definitely want technical stuff that can be packaged into your projects. The topics preference is somewhat distributed between Data Standard (1st), Vault API (2nd), powerJobs, powerGate, Vault migrations and other topics. The preferred day for reading posts is Monday (43%) and Friday (31%), and the frequency of one post per week (70%) is good.

So we will keep going with posts on Friday, which works well for both the Friday and Monday readers, and we will continue posting on Data Standard and other Vault related topics as well as our products. Based on your feedback, we will see to provide more tips on how the Vault behavior can be improved or extended and how technologies work better together. If you like to suggest other topics of interest, feel free to either fill out the survey, or send us an email to We will see to take your suggestion into account and post about it.

Thank you very much for the feedback so far and for the kind words! All bloggers knows the effort for driving a blog and such comments are fuel for our engines!

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