Summary from the AU Data Standard session


Last week, I had the pleasure to meet you at the Autodesk University in Las Vegas. Thanks for the good talk and great feedback. The session around Data Standard introduction was well attended and the ratings were great – beyond 9.3 – THANK YOU for that!

In the short time I tried to give you an overview on what Data Standard is and gave you several examples on how Data Standard can be customised in order to achieve interesting Vault improvements. Although the material is available on the AU page, I’d like to make the presentation and the customisations available here. Some of the topics covered during the session have already been posted on this blog. The other topics will be posted in the next weeks with additional information on how they work.

So, have fun with the Data Standard introduction presentation and the DataStandard samples. I hope with these topics, we are able to engage your imagination of what could be done with Vault. If you have further ideas we should blog on, just leave a comment.

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5 Responses to Summary from the AU Data Standard session

  1. Kevin says:

    Marco, thanks for posting details about your AU class. I was wondering if you had a handout explaining each example? For instance, where do i find the files to edit? What edits are made to each file for each example?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Marco Mirandola says:

      Hi Kevin, sorry for late reply, besides the PPT and the session recording there is no more material, however, most of the topics showed at AU have been already posted on this blog and further more will be posted. So, there should be already enough information around this blog, but if you are interested in something particular, we can create an according post.

  2. Kevin says:

    Marco, can you explain why DS does NOT work in Civil 3D?

    • Hi Kevin,
      Data Standard is just not enabled for Civil 3D. In the configuration file for the DS AutoCAD Add-In
      “C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\Autodesk DataStandard 2015.bundle\PackageContents.xml” you find the following entry:

      When you add Civil 3D to “Platform” it should work. I don’t know the exact text string for Civil 3D but maybe you can just look in a PackageContents.xml from another Add-In that is installed on the machine. I think “AutoCAD*” should also work.
      Why it is not enabled by default, you have to ask Autodesk. I assume it’s officially not supported but technically it should work.

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