Rule your Vault


We just released a new version of the vaultRuler. A powerful tool that applies category rules to all the files in your Vault. The new version additionally allows you to force the lifecycle definition and property assignment for those files that are already in the right category. And you can also reinforce the rules for all files in your Vault.

You may have just moved from Vanilla Vault to Vault Workgroup or Professional, have a huge amount of files, all in category Base, and want to bring them into the appropriate category. Or you have already Vault Workgroup or Professional, you changed some behaviors and want to bring existing files into the right shape. In both cases the vaultRuler will be a huge help.


This new version allows you to apply the lifecycle definition and property assignment also to those files that are already in the right category. Or, you may apply the rules to all files, regardless of the category.

So, let’s suppose you’ve worked with Vault for a while and you realize you need a few more properties. No problem. Just add the properties in the Vault configuration, assign them to the category you think is appropriate and all new files will have such properties. But what happens to the existing files? Well, the properties will be added only if you eventually change their value.

The alternative is to use the vaultRuler. It goes over all of your files and brings them again into the defined rule.

The applications for vaultRuler are manifold. The use is always the same. Configure the Vault as it best suits you, and then let the vaultRuler bring all your files into the right settings. The different options of the vaultRuler will allow you to selectively apply the configured rules. Download the vaultRuler now and see for yourself.

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