Our free apps for Inventor – Part V – featureMigrator

The coolOrange featureMigrator allows Inventor users to create part features – like holes – from assembly features more easily.

For example: if you have 2 plates, you can create a hole through both plates on the assembly level. So you know that the hole fits perfectly. But when you open the plate, you would like to see the hole there as well.

Therefore you will migrate the hole into both plates with the featureMigrator.

Like the other coolOrange plug-ins you can download it from the Inventor App Store. The installation is pretty straight forward. Just run the .msi file and follow the instructions.

In the Tools menu of the ribbon in Inventor assemblies, you will find a new command featureMigrator.


This will open the featureMigrator-browser. All features are listed there and you can migrate assembly-features by selecting one or several of them. Then, use the Send to Parts command.

At this point the feature is moved to the part. Per default setting a backup file of the modified component is created before the modification is made.

featureMigrator settings:


The settings dialog provides the opportunity for the user to select the action to take for all the assembly features migrated (Suppress if Succeeded, Suppress always, Delete if Succeeded, Delete always or Nothing), also for the part features that haven’t been migrated correctly (Suppress, Delete or Nothing). (Features created by the add-in can be in an invalid state in the parts for a number of reasons)

Associativity between part & assembly features

Once you have migrated the feature to the part, the featureMigrator still “remembers” where the feature came from. All the existing features resulting from a migration by the tool are listed in the featureMigrator-browser. If the original feature in the assembly has changed, you can update the feature in the part with the command Update from Assembly in the featureMigrator-browser.

And that’s it!

Have fun with the coolOrange featureMigrator!

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