Our free apps for Inventor – Part IV – linkParameters

linkParameters allows Inventor users to easily create dependencies between parameters in various parts and sub-assemblies in the context of the top-level assembly within which they reside.

Parameters can be visually selected from a source-component and linked to a specific parameter in a target-component creating the dependency. The mechanism employed is based on the iLogic functionality. It will automatically generate the iLogic code which is required to link the values of the parameters, without the need to manually write any iLogic instructions.


Like the other coolOrange plug-ins you can download it from the Inventor App Store and the installation is pretty straight forward. Just run the msi file and follow the instructions.

In the Manage menu of the ribbon in Inventor assemblies you will get a new command linkParameters in the iLogic section.

For example:  you want the diameter of a part to have the same value as the length of another part in your assembly. Select linkParameters and specify the name of the iLogic rule, which will be created in the background. This first dialog also provides the ability to select an existing rule if any.

Validating this dialog will display the main dialog of the tool:

Select the part with the length as source component and the part with the diameter as target component. Notice that the top-level assembly can also be used as source by checking the upper-left check-box. Drag the source parameter Length on the target parameter Diameter.

By right-clicking the target mappings, they can also be suppressed through a context-menu. An option to automatically map source and target parameters with the same name is also provided from this context menu.

Enjoy coolOrange linkParameters!

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