Our free apps for Inventor – Part I – screenGrab

So today we’re not talking about Vault or PowerShell, instead we have some treats for the Inventors users among you.

Recently, coolOrange has released 5 free plugin apps for Inventor 2015:

And I am frequently asked what they are doing. All apps have 3 things in common.

1. They are free

2. They can be downloaded from the Autodesk App Store

3. They consist of one feature that makes your work with Inventor easier.

Let me introduce screenGrab

screenGrab can be used within Inventor to simplify image capture of the entire Inventor application window, the graphics view of documents within Inventor, or parts of the graphics-screen.

First, you have to download it from the Inventor App Store (download). The installation is pretty straight forward. Just run the msi file and follow the instructions.

After the installation you will find a new button screenGrab in the Tools panel. When you run the screenGrab command, a dialog will appear.


This dialog shows the selection-options and settings. It also displays a preview of the screenshot. The screen will be captured according to the selection options and converted to a relevant bitmap.
You have options to save the bitmap to the clipboard, to a file or send it directly to a printer.

When choosing the “Application” or “Document” option, the borders of the screenshot will be calculated automatically. When using the “Window” option, the user needs to select a region of the screen.

All is pretty easy and intuitive. Try it and have fun!


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2 Responses to Our free apps for Inventor – Part I – screenGrab

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  2. Matthew says:

    Amazing. I love this.

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