powerGate – Controlling SAP Items

powerGate v1.0. is released! It builds the connection between SAP and Autodesk. But everyone can use it individually without any Autodesk product. The only thing you need to have, is access to a SAP – System with a Gateway installed. You can test it right now!

powerGate adds PowerShell command-lets to your PowerShell environment, which provides additional functions in PowerShell for SAP.

Now, I will show you how to retrieve SAP-items and how you are able to filter and control them.
First of all, you have to make a connection to your SAP –System:

07-05-2014 14-42-02


After you logged in successfully, you need to read a service before you can get some items. powerGate reads then some important information about the given service. Afterwards, it is able to work with this service. If you don’t know which service you should read, try this:


Next, you can read now one of these, or you can just try to read all available services that powerGate can find. Just extend the command-let with one parameter:

Get-SAPServices –Refresh all

The next information you need to have for getting entries from a SAP – System via powerGate, is the name of an entity, where the items are located. This could help:


Now you have all needed information to read items. Let’s start:

Get-SAPItems –Entity <ServiceName.EntityName>


A known issue is that you just want to know one property-value of each entry, like “Material”, and also have them ordered ascendingly. Here is the solution:


This is still to much data! You need, for instance, only information about the Material „DIESEL-17“:


It is just awesome right? It’s that simple. You can get exactly the information you want from SAP without any SAP knowledge. powerGate has much more command-lets. They are documented here.

If there are questions, feel free to ask! Feedback is always welcome and get ready for the next post about powerGate! See you!

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