bcpDevkit – First Steps

Do you want a quick solution to create your customized BCP package to migrate your data to Vault? And your data-source or migration process is so special and complex that there is no tool that is configurable enough to manage this?

Ok, then why shouldn’t you write your own migration process that generates a BCP package that you can import later? If you have tried this, than you probably know the issues. But we have the answer to these problems: The bcpDevkit

The bcpDevkit is an independent part of our recently launched Data Migration Suite. It’s a simple to use .Net library is not just the core, that we use internally in our migration projects and products. This SDK is developed for people who try to create a BCP package containing their data in an easy and flexible way!

Now I want to show you the simplicity in using the API. And what could be better for this, than combining the power of Windows PowerShell and the bcpDevKit!

Here we go:

1. Download and extract the bcpDevKit binaries into C:\bcpDevKit

2. Open a powerShell IDE (e.g. powerGUI) and load the main binaries

Add-Type -Path "C:\bcpDevKit\bcpDevKit.dll"
Add-Type -Path "C:\bcpDevKit\bcpDevKit.Entities.dll"

3. Configure and create the BcpService using the BcpServiceBuilder:

$bcpServiceBuilder = New-Object bcpDevKit.BcpServiceBuilder
$bcpServiceBuilder.Version = 2014

$bcpService = $bcpServiceBuilder.Build()

4. Now you can use the service. You can export a local directory containing files and folders very quick:

$exportFiles = Get-ChildItem -recurse "C:\The_directory_to_be_exported"
foreach( $exportFile in $exportFiles )
   $vaultLocation = $exportFile.FullName.Replace($exportDirectory,"$")
   $file = $bcpService.FileService.AddFile( $vaultLocation, $exportFile.FullName )

5. When we are done, we flush our changes in the package to the filesystem.


Thats it!

17-03-2014 15-29-12

Now you can import your package using the corresponding version of Autodesk Vault Transfer Utility to import your package into Vault.

I hope you like the bcpDevKit as much as I do. Use it, test it, and give us feedback!

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