Vault migrations? No problem!

It’s done! The Data Migration Suite is available as Beta version. What is it? It’s a collection of tools all around Vault migration challenges.

Data Migration Suite

Over the past years, we had the pleasure to help resellers around the globe in migration projects. There have been migrations from known, unknown and self-made systems, and also upgrades from Vanilla Vault to a higher version. Every migration had its peculiarity. During the course of this period, we developed several tools for ourselves and now we make them accessible to the greater Autodesk community. The migration process is always somewhat the same:

prepare > check > import > cleanup > complete

While the import is done with Autodesk Data Transfer Utility, also known as Vault BCP, it has been useful to prepare the BCP, check it before running the import, and once the data were in Vault, to clean them up and potentially complete it. So the tools are partially related to BCP packages pre-import and partially to Vault for cleaning up and completing the import. Here a short overview of the tools and each purpose:

  • bcpDevKit: for all those of you that tried creating a BCP package by yourself and run into issues, here a simple to use .Net assembly which you can use in your Visual Studio project for generating BCP packages.
  • bcpCreator: if you have a data source such as SQL, or any other that can be imported into a SQL database, here is a ready-to-use tool that transforms such data into a BCP package.
  • bcpChecker: after having created the BCP package, the bcpChecker prevents you from running the import for several hours and then figuring out that something was misconfigured. Instead, it displays the BCP package’s content before the import in a Vault like UI, where you can navigate, check the data and more.
  • postBCP: once the data are imported into Vault, you may want to sync back the Vault data to your Inventor files and also fresh up the file-BOM information, so that the customer can start working right away.
  • vaultRuler: this tool typically finds application when you move from Vanilla Vault to Vault Workgroup/Professional. It brings all your files into the configured category and more.
  • dataLoader: if you have an additional source of data that shall be applied to your file properties, dataLoader will automate this process.

For a more complete overview of the tools, check out the brochure here.

With the Data Migration Suite, we took a new approach for promoting our projects. You can purchase a single customer/project license for a specific use within the context of your project. You can also purchase a single tool as a so-called “flatrate”, which allows you to make unlimited use of that tool in any of your projects. Or, if you think that more than 3 tools might be interesting, then take advantage of the special offer until end of march 2014, and get the complete Data Migration Suite. It’s an unrepeatable opportunity!

In any case, take a look at the tools ( and give us feedback!! We hope you enjoy them and they will help you in your Vault projects!

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