Happy New Year

Every year, on New Year’s Eve, an Austrian TV channel broadcasts “dinner for one“, a delicious piece of comedy! The one memorable sentence is “Same procedure as last year? Same procedure as every year!”. Well, here we are again, now running the fifth year of coolOrange business and yes, the procedure is the same – commitment to seek for new technologies to delight Autodesk customers with brilliant apps for Autodesk applications. However, this year, beside improving our known applications, we will also touch new topics and I’d like to give you some insights.

PLM360: wouldn’t it be nice to easily send a PDF from Vault to PLM360? Or reading data from PLM360 within Inventor, AutoCAD and Vault? Or writing back information to PLM360 from Vault. All thin in a configurable and tailored way? We are working on a PowerShell extension for PLM360, which will extend the ability of Data Standard (formerly myView) and powerJobs, so that scenarios described above will be easily accomplished!

SAP: Uuuhh, scary!! Connecting Autodesk to SAP is a complex and expensive challenge. Is it? SAP recently came out with a new technology called Gateway. It basically allows to talk to SAP via REST (Web) API. We are writing a PowerShell extension for Gateway, so that Data Standard and powerJobs can easily connect to SAP. It will become easy to read, write, update, delete and upload files from and to SAP. Stay tuned…

Vault API: not long ago the Vault Development Framework (VDF) has been introduced to simplify coding with Vault, and Doug Redmond wrote a lot on this topic on his blog, as we did here. We feel we can contribute to make it even more simpler for IT folks and application engineers to customize Vault, by introducing simple command-lets for PowerShell. For instance getting a file from Vault may look like this:

$file = Get-VaultFile -FileName "$/Designs/PadLock/PadLock.IAM"

The resulting $file object will contain all the properties and more. Or

Add-VaultFile -From "C:\temp\part1.ipt" -To "$/Designs/import/part1.ipt"

would load a local file into Vault, taking care whether the file already exists, and creating the Vault folder if missing. Or

Update-VaultFile -FileName "$/Designs/test/test.dwg" -Properties @{"Title"="test","Company"="coolOrange"} -Category Engineering -State Released

would update properties and set the category and state. Such command-lets will simplify the way you extend powerJobs or Data Standard. Coding becomes quicker and simpler, especially for technicians and application engineers.

Migrations: Wouldn’t it be nice to have a set of tools you can use for the different migration situations? Wether you like to bring all Vault files into the according category after an upgrade from Vault basic to higher Vault. Or you like to update the files so that they all have updated properties and BOM objects? Or you like to preview the BCP package before you run the import? The migration tool kit we are working on will cover such and more topics.

myFile: a brand new product coming out soon as beta and released around April. It’s an Inventor add-in that controls file access between users. It shows you which files of your current assembly are in use by whom and allows you to chat with the according user for transferring ownership. Never overwrite again a change of your colleague!

New Website: as the business grows, we like to make more space for more interesting content and products, and make it easier to try and buy the work we put so much effort into. So, soon a new website will go online. Watch out!

If you have any particular interest to one of the topics described above, leave a comment or just reach out to us. We like to hear from you!

All the best for the new Year!!!

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